What we eat


Our aim at the TIPTAP daycare center is to ensure that the children are provided with all the nutrients they need for their development at mealtimes. Therefore, we offer a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. Our meals are prepared directly on site and we place great emphasis on variety and the use of fresh ingredients. We buy regional (Seeland) and use seasonal products as often as possible.

We want the children to actively participate in the purchase of food and thus gain insight into the selection and origin of food. When preparing meals, we encourage the children to help us so they can see what ingredients their meals are made of. We also regularly bake together as a group.

We want to motivate and inspire the children in every situation. It is especially important to us that they learn to treat food with respect.


Sample menu plan

We use mainly Swiss meat. Exceptional cases are declared. We reserve the right to make changes at short notice.