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In all TipTap Kita’s groups, we place the highest value on high-quality, modern and child-friendly equipment.

Our children should be able to play, be creative and be allowed to invent themselves. For this, it needs an ideal environment.

We are happy to show you some pictures for illustration.

Kita TipTap Kinderküche



Due to the generous window areas, our premises are very bright, open and inviting.

The children have more than 150 m2 of space at their disposal, also their garden invites to play together outside and is located right next to the house.

The combination of colorful rooms, modern furnishings, varied play corners, an inviting wooden podium, a cozy dining area, a creative craft area and a spacious checkroom provides the ideal setting for positive development and an exciting daycare experience.


Bahnhofstrasse Group North

The North Group offers a generous 200 square meters of space and a modern atmosphere that will delight children and parents alike. The rooms are designed with vibrant colors and radiate a cheerful and inspiring mood. The modern interior combines functionality with aesthetics and creates an appealing environment for the little explorers.

Whether cuddling area, building corner or reading corner – here the children can play, learn and let their imagination run wild to their heart’s content. A cozy dining area invites the children to eat and share together.


Bahnhofstrasse Group South

The South Group offers over 160 m2 of space for children of all ages. The rooms are colorfully designed and radiate a cheerful atmosphere. With a modern facility, the children’s needs for play and creativity are optimally supported.

There are special play corners that are tailored to the different interests and developmental stages of the children. Here they can freely develop, play, learn and make new friends. A special highlight is the wooden platform, which serves as a stage or meeting place for group activities. It invites children to discover, dance and play.

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