"Show me how to do it and I'll show you how I'll grow from it,
because I can and will do it alone"

What is important to us

We have a modern conception. Below you will get an insight into our philosophy and pedagogical work. The pedagogical concept is regularly revised by us and is an important tool for professional childcare.


Exciting environment

Children's group

Our group of children in the Kita is managed according to the current cantonal guidelines on group size. We care for children from the age of 3 months to 6 years. In the composition of the group, we make sure that it meets the needs of the children as well as the daily routine, so that each child can be individually supported.

For the infants, we provide enough space so that they can individually create their own sleep-wake rhythm. We ensure that age-appropriate and inspiring play materials are available for them to use.

As much as possible, infants participate in group outings and activities. In a mixed-age environment, infants quickly become active and observe their surroundings with interest. In doing so, we provide them with enough stimuli as well as protection and safety to offer them a safe and exciting environment.

Giving security


A successful start in our family-supplementary care begins with a significant settling-in period. During this phase, the child and the parents get to know the daycare center, the child gets used to the new environment and makes first contacts with the caregivers and other children. It is quite normal that both the child and the parents feel fears and uncertainties at the beginning.

Our acclimation period begins two weeks before the official entrance date. We attach great importance to flexibility and coordinate the settling-in periods individually with the parents in order to meet the needs and rhythm of the child.


Free play

Free play has immense importance for our children. Here they have the opportunity to decide independently about their game partners, the type of game, the game location and the game duration. In the group, they can gain a variety of experiences in social interaction. Undisturbed play provides children with the broadest spectrum to develop and nurture their social, factual, and personal skills. They get to know themselves and measure themselves against others. Therefore, we devote enough time to the game.

Our caregivers are always available to the children as contact persons and playmates. They take time to observe the game, give impulses or intervene if danger threatens.

fresh air


We attach great importance to the children getting out into the fresh air every day and letting off steam. Our forest days are an integral part of our weekly schedule. Whether climbing, building, making fire or building houses, the forest becomes an exciting experience for the whole group.

Every child in our facility is a little explorer and adventurer. They have the urge to climb trees, balance over logs, and try many things. We allow children to experiment, experience and learn in nature. In doing so, we pay attention to the potential dangers and at the same time show them the necessary limits and possibilities.

motor skills


Children have a natural and lively urge to move, which is a motor for their development. During this developmental phase, it is important that children are given sufficient freedom of movement and incentives.

The promotion of motor skills takes place in all activities. For example, the songs in the singing circle are accompanied by movements. We make sure that the children don’t have to sit still for too long, whether it’s eating or doing crafts, and we deliberately provide variety.

During our walks, excursions and visits to the forest, we provide the children with an experience rich in movement.



Children learn through interest and activity.
It is important to us to bring exciting topics closer to the children in a playful way. We carry out two to three major projects a year. Thereby we can look with the children at topics like: Colors, Farm, Animals, Hospital, Fire Department, Police, etc. The projects are organized and designed in an exciting and interesting way. Excursions to the themes and rituals will accompany us in our daily lives.
The selection of the project is made according to our observations in the group and possible themes and situations that accompany us in advance.



Planned and guided activities aim to show children new things and create shared experiences. The interests and suggestions of the children are taken into account. Based on these interests, our caregivers design games or programs such as making music, dancing, crafts, painting and designing.

Joint excursions to the zoo, the forest, the farm, to playgrounds or to the cities of Biel or Bern can become the highlights of a day at the daycare center for the children.



Our primary goal at TIP TAP daycare is to provide the children with all the necessary nutrients for their development at mealtime. Therefore, we offer them a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.

Meals are freshly prepared by our team on site. We attach great importance to varied dishes and use as many fresh ingredients as possible. Our recipes are selected to match the season, offering a diverse selection of dishes.

We regularly allow the children to be present when we go grocery shopping. This allows them to experience firsthand where their food comes from and what it looks like. When preparing meals, we encourage the children to help out so they can see what their meals are made of. We also have regular group baking activities where we bake together and discover new tastes.

In every situation we encourage and inspire the children. We place great emphasis on respectful food handling and teach the children the importance of healthy eating.




The offer of Kita TipTap aims to provide the highest possible flexibility for parents.

Our daycare center is characterized by:

“a high quality of child care”
“a high care key”
“a family structure and manageable size”.
“a motivated care team that regularly undergoes further training”.
“long opening hours”
“Minimum care of 1 day”
“Selected additional offer”
“Customer-oriented flexibility”
“Emergency places for day exchanges and additional days”.
“Accompanying the kindergarten way”


Parent events

During the year, various parent events are held to which all parents are invited. On these occasions, information can be imparted and questions can be asked. During this time, the management and caregivers are available to parents for discussions and parents have the opportunity to get to know each other.

The following events will take place:

  • Parents’ evenings (1x per year)
  • Summer party
  • Santa Claus event
  • Kitabrunch


When parents bring or pick up their children, a brief and informative handover meeting takes place. The previous daily routine and the well-being of the child are discussed. Parents are encouraged to allow sufficient time for this handover, farewell and any information.

Personal conversations with parents about their children take place by appointment, but at least once a year. Both the care staff and the sponsorship are always open for discussions with parents.

The annual parent meetings are considered extremely valuable by the daycare. Here, an intensive exchange between parents and the daycare center takes place. The child’s well-being at the daycare center is discussed, as well as questions about support opportunities, special observations or the upcoming kindergarten entry.


Parent survey

In the interest of quality assurance, the management conducts a parent survey every year. Here, parents and employees have the opportunity to express their impressions, criticism, praise and suggestions for improvement.



The most important thing in our work with parents is transparency.

We work with a selected software and an app, which gives you insight into our day-to-day life in the daycare center.
Important information and transparent communication can take place in a protected setting.

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