TIPI mascot

A true friend


Who is Tipi?

Tipi is a cheerful and friendly mascot that stands for fun, adventure and positive energy. Tipi is a marmot and brings a special magic to us with his radiant smile.

What makes Tipi so special?

Tipi loves playing with the children, nurturing their creativity and encouraging them to explore the world around them. Whether it’s telling stories together, doing funny dances or solving little puzzles – Tipi is always there and makes for unforgettable moments.

How is Tipi integrated into our activities?

Tipi will take part in various events in the future, be it school festivals, birthday parties or special theme days. You will also see Tipi in our learning activities, where it motivates the children to discover new things through play.

Don’t be afraid to greet Tipi and ask him questions. It is here to spread joy and create a positive atmosphere. Let’s have an unforgettable time together with Tipi!